IT didn't kill you.

It may have gut punched you BUT you're still breathing.

"The Between" is mean!  It represents life's harshest blows to the head and heart.  It does not come to gently bruise you and frankly, it's sole intent is to smash you to bits and pieces, destroy you, and annihilate you.  It will too.  It will win and take you over and out....but only if you let IT make you call it quits.  Whenever you're faced with what gets in the way of having an ordained love and gets in the way of your dreams, you have to shift into the the gray area between processing your emotions about your present while refusing to let go of your future.  Each time The Between knocks you down, you are at a crossroads and must make a choice to travel a path called "past" OR you can travel the path called "future" by getting up any way you can with everything you have.  You may not feel strong.  You may not feel mentally stable.  You may not feel emotionally ready or secure.  These things you may not have BUT what you're always left with, are the very things that knocked you down in the first place and you can use it all to propel you to your goal!  OR you can use what knocked you down to be your excuse as to why you won't go further nor go harder.  The Between never goes away.  Get that in your head right now!....It's not supposed to go away.  Instead, after you've made yet another decision to keep traveling the path called "future", The Between (although having the same principle each time) will transform into something else, come again, go away, transform into something else, come again, and go away and you have to acknowledge it's presence and understand that it's an opponent which has no power to determine who you are.  When The Between shows up, recognize that it's the fire that brings forth the proof of who you aren't and when you face the heat, YOU get to determine what will be and what won't.  When you face the heat, YOU get to choose what you'll have in spite of IT to everyone that wanted you to burn or were too "consumed" to help you in the first place.

It's not outside in.
It's inside out.

The more you improve the mind, heart, soul, and strengthen the spirt, the greater you can accomplish and endure externally.

Matthew 24:13 says, "But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved." This of course is in reference to salvation but it's also refers to how we need to live life. Enduring is about taking hits and never changing your mind nor your stance that you won from the gate. 
I always say that the best champs know how to take a hit in order to deliver a TKO. You have to be IN the fight to win the fight!

And being "saved" isn't just a matter of salvation but it's also about being kept safe and sound from from what comes to destroy you internally in order to kill off your purpose and destiny.

In other words:
1. Keep complaining instead of being grateful, then the heart stays weak.
2. Keep leaving your motives unchecked and unchanged, instead of facing the truth of what you really feel, then the heart becomes evil.
3. Keep rehearsing that thing-that wrongdoing that was done to you over and over and over and the heart uses what happened as the reason to be so dag on mean.
4. Keep looking at your responsibilites, God-given relationships, and assignments as being in the way, instead of THE way, then the heart will prefer to cut them off and cause you to walk away from your spouse, your children, your family, and true friends.

How can you get in the ring with this weak of a heart and get mad when you don't win? 
You're bound to lose going into the fight this way....and I know you are tired of losing!

Flip the script on the thoughts and feelings that enter into your heart and make it bow down to your authority and right to be better and not bitter, to be good and not evil, to be strong and not weak, to be grateful and not resentful, TO WIN AND NOT LOSE.

It's hard work keeping your heart right but keeping your heart right is the way to win the fight.

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Matthew 8:31 So the devils besought HIM, saying, If thou cast us out, suffer us to go away into the herd of swine.  
32 And HE said unto them, Go.

And “Go” they did!
In my recent studies of what it means to be under the hand of The Master, I came across the miracle where Jesus casts out many demons from driving a man crazy.  
I love the fact that they trembled in fear when they saw Jesus.  
I love the fact that they, on their own, called Him out and bowed down and worshipped Him.  
I love the fact that they begged not to be sent to “the deep”.  
I love the fact that they instantly revealed themselves in front of a people who had no clue that this could happen or was even going on.  These demons tricked the people into believing that the man was just crazy when in reality, they possessed him.  Had Jesus never come and the man never stayed behind to share his story with the town, the people would have never known the whole truth.  (This is why I pray that we are covered in our ignorance.  We are destroyed because of what we don’t know but my request is that until we find out that knowledge, cover us!)

But what I love most is when Jesus told them, “Go”.  When you watch the actions of the demons, they instantly responded to His presence and His authority but when Jesus gets rid of them, He intentionally executes His authority over the man and over the demons.  

The question is why?
Getting into the fact that He sent the demons into the pigs and where did the demons go after the pigs drowned is another post for another time but the question of why comes from studying The Master and why He decided to entreat this ex-demon possessed man this way.  I understand that everything was done in front of His disciples to teach them, for the building of the church, and for the sake of the people being brought out of a lack of knowledge and lack of relationship.  As a matter of fact, whenever our Lord asks a question, it’s not because He does not already know the answer but it’s to expose you to the answer (whatdya know! lifecoaching is in the bible! ;) and even help those who are watching to understand the mysteries of God.  However, as The Master, what provoked Him to give this man His life back?  

We always love to revel in the fact that God loves us so much and that’s why He sent Jesus and that Jesus loves us so much that that’s why He stayed on the cross but we never really consider the love and respect between Father and Son.  It’s true that God loves us very much but could it be that His first allegiance is to Himself?  
That He will always honor His own word first because that’s who He is and how He is?

Consider this, when Jesus was in the garden of Gethsemane, we love to think that He stopped crying and went through with betrayal and death because He loved us that much?  I beg to differ!  He asked to get out of the assignment so obviously His love for us was NOT what made Him go through but in His prayer He says, “not MY will but Your will be done” which is in reverence to the love He has for His Father and His commands and because He is God in the flesh, it refers to the love He has for Himself and His own rules.  If God decided to throw away everything He stands for based on our actions, we’d be more messed up than we are now but it’s His own character, His own choice, and His promise to Himself that His Word will never return to Him not having accomplished the task that keeps Him from reneging.  AND since Jesus is The Living Word or The Word made alive, essentially God is saying that He will never return to Himself with His own work undone.  In other words, He does not “go home” until the job is finished and once a job is done, it’s done for good.

With this in mind, and within studying being under The Hand of The Master, I can only think that Jesus’ one commandment of “Go”, to what’s estimated to be about 6,000 demons or so, revolves around who God is firstly and before the benefit of the people.

Way back in Genesis 1:26, God says, “let us make man in OUR image” and as I told you earlier, once He does a job, it’s done.  To this day we are still procreating which is now explained in the science of the body and the way it works but don’t get tripped up!  Science is the human answer to understanding what we can’t explain but science is not God.
As I was saying, we are made in His image and it’s a done job, but the appearance or infiltration of demons distorts the original image that God made us in and to make sure that He does not return home without finishing His work, Jesus tells the demons, “Go”.  Go meaning leave, get out of here, be removed from this place, etc. because essentially, He was making sure that there was no defect in the original image we are made in.

The man possessed, no matter what he had or hadn’t done to be possessed was manufactured by The Master and He never allows an enemy to take domain over His work.  There’s only one being that He gave that authority to and that’s the human being.  We are given the right to choose whether we will convert to an enemy or remain the way God made us.  
I liken it to extreme plastic surgery.  We have people who hate everything about their God given image and change to become someone different and then you have people who still hate everything about their God given image but they choose not to mess with the knife.  Oh come on…mostly everyone would change something if they could.  
Either way, we humans are the ones who have the choice to “go under the knife” or not per each given circumstance.

You know what ELSE we humans are given?  The authority to carry out God’s authority.  
Sure we have free will to do whatever we want to do but when you are under the hand of the Master, you avoid the consequences of those actions because you’re allowing yourself to be lead and directed in what you do and in who you are.  Jesus is The Master to show you who you are in God and how free you are to exercise His authority over every situation, every area, and every demon.  Satan, on the contrary, is the father of lies who enslaves you to being opposite of who God said you are in the beginning and tricks you into thinking you have no God given authority.

Since it was so important to Jesus that the ex-demon possessed man was allowed to remain in the image of God, don’t you think, especially since He wants us to “take dominion over the land” that it’s important to Him still that we identify everything that is out of the order of what God said about us and tell it GO?

Take a look around, find what you can restore order to, and command the very thing that’s trying to make it look like something it’s not to go.
Good marriage in the beginning but now things look bleak?  Tell bleak to GO.
Child on the right track but now he/she has lost their way?    Tell lost to GO.
Money funny?  Tell funny money to GO.
Upheaval in the land?  Tell upheaval to GO.
Storms on the way to destroy the land?  Tell storms to GO.
No peace because of worry and anxiety?  Tell worry and anxiety to GO.

Jesus didn’t fuss with these guys!  He told them one thing and one thing only and it was so! 
If you’re still not encouraged to take control, then consider that the demons went berserk the moment Jesus stepped on the ground and before He could even say a word!  
How much more are the things and beings, you need to tell “GO”, on pins and needles that you may figure out that you have permission to exercise God’s authority over them too.

When you tell IT to “GO”, tell IT in Jesus’ name and not in your name nor your “being good this week”.  When we trust God, we are to trust Him based on who He is and not who we are.  When we think that we can trust God because we’re being a good little human, we’ve got faith all messed up because the moment we sin, our confidence is weakened and we don’t think that God wants to love us and show up for us (even though what we are asking for is already done….again, another post at another time).

God wants YOU to expect your life to mirror what He has stated about you and yours from the beginning and anything that does not look like what He said is up for removal with one word, in Jesus name, “Go”.

A few weeks ago a young boy, I think he's about 10 or 11 years old, decided to explain what God wants us to know using scriptures from Genesis where it discusses the days that were set up.
The young man went through all 7 days and while he's still getting to know how to execute the text, I could still hear what God was saying and it revolved around everything HE spoke IN THE BEGINNING and no matter how many centuries ago, that word is still alive.
There is still a firmament, there are still lights for day and night, man is still being made....
In the beginning God spoke blessings, victory, grace, forgiveness, and love and like the light that responded to HIM when HE said, "let there be light", your life also responds to the word that the Lord has spoken over you.
Even if you've made a mess of things or things have made a mess of you, remember that God spoke a word concerning you and everything that concerns you IN THE BEGINNING and that's just how it's going to end!
Remember what He has said about you and if you haven't heard it for yourself then read it for yourself:
Jeremiah 29:11
John 10:10
John 3:16
Psalm 55:22
1 Peter 5:7
Isaiah 65:24
Isaiah 55:11
Do your best to commit at least one of these scriptures to your memory and every time reality looks like God has neglected you, speak or think on that scripture over and over again and watch your strength, hope, peace, determinatio, and answers increase while the issues decrease.
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