IT didn't kill you.

It may have gut punched you BUT you're still breathing.

"The Between" is mean!  It represents life's harshest blows to the head and heart.  It does not come to gently bruise you and frankly, it's sole intent is to smash you to bits and pieces, destroy you, and annihilate you.  It will too.  It will win and take you over and out....but only if you let IT make you call it quits.  Whenever you're faced with what gets in the way of having an ordained love and gets in the way of your dreams, you have to shift into the the gray area between processing your emotions about your present while refusing to let go of your future.  Each time The Between knocks you down, you are at a crossroads and must make a choice to travel a path called "past" OR you can travel the path called "future" by getting up any way you can with everything you have.  You may not feel strong.  You may not feel mentally stable.  You may not feel emotionally ready or secure.  These things you may not have BUT what you're always left with, are the very things that knocked you down in the first place and you can use it all to propel you to your goal!  OR you can use what knocked you down to be your excuse as to why you won't go further nor go harder.  The Between never goes away.  Get that in your head right now!....It's not supposed to go away.  Instead, after you've made yet another decision to keep traveling the path called "future", The Between (although having the same principle each time) will transform into something else, come again, go away, transform into something else, come again, and go away and you have to acknowledge it's presence and understand that it's an opponent which has no power to determine who you are.  When The Between shows up, recognize that it's the fire that brings forth the proof of who you aren't and when you face the heat, YOU get to determine what will be and what won't.  When you face the heat, YOU get to choose what you'll have in spite of IT to everyone that wanted you to burn or were too "consumed" to help you in the first place.

You ever been put in a box involuntarily and the moment you broke out of the expectation of those who placed you there, you were met with their anger, resentment, and disdain?

You ever walk away feeling "bad" about their feelings regarding your resignation of a position you never asked for?

Or that you should clear up their misconception of you and offer a reasonable explanation of why you left their box?

I say this with experience and in love, "MAKING OTHERS FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOUR AWESOMENESS IS NOT YOUR JOB" but it is their problem! .... So leave them with it.

I'll help you understand why and how to do it, NO CHARGE, at All you have to do is hit the button "I DID IT ON PURPOSE!"#yourturn #yourtime #YOURBESTLIFEYET#befree #bossbabe #bosslife #courage#changes #digdeep #dontbeafraid#dontloseyourfocus #entrepreneurquotes#FREE #goodforbusiness#inspirationalquotes #ilead #inspiration#itsyourlife #knowyourworth #keepfocus#lifecoach #newattitude#motivationalspeaker #inspirationalspeaker#ONPURPOSE #push #leadershipquotes#NJPublicSpeaker

Nobody knows a building like it's architect and nobody knows a wall like it's captive.

Those who are being held up by a wall usually think the best thing to do is to climb over it or knock it down but before you ready those hands to do what was once unimaginable, study the cracks.

Cracks in a wall can show you where the wall is weak.
Wherever the wall is weak is a direct indication of how the wall was made.
You can tell just what needs to be done in the foundation of anything by it's cracks.

If you're going to climb the wall, you don't want to climb on top of where it's cracked.
If you're going to knock it down, then obviously X marks the spot where the crack is.

But if you want to make sure that you're never held captive again, you need to look at the cracks that identify the wall in front of you right now. This way, whenever you see the bricks starting to stack up, the wall is recognizable and you know just what NOT to do.

Oh! Didn't you know the architect, of the wall that is holding you captive, is you?

Let's find out why you do this to yourself at by clicking the right sidebar button that says "I DID IT ON PURPOSE". #yourturn #yourtime#YOURBESTLIFEYET #befree #bossbabe#bosslife #courage #changes #digdeep#dontbeafraid #dontloseyourfocus#entrepreneurquotes #FREE#goodforbusiness #inspirationalquotes#ilead #inspiration #itsyourlife#knowyourworth #keepfocus #lifecoach#newattitude #motivationalspeaker#inspirationalspeaker #ONPURPOSE #push#leadershipquotes #NJPublicSpeaker#goodmorningBOSS

It's just too much work to try and be someone else.
Difficult experiences will make you want to change who you are and what you stand for.

(don't do it #MsCelie don't do it 😂😂) If you try to handle life's issues with the mind and heart of another, those issues will bury you.
Only your hands, intelligence, heart, wisdom, and creativity can take what's being thrown at you and make it useful in being a step up and a way out.

Don't change! YOU are needed right now!
The real you is who the issue came to see
.... And show IT #nomercy!!! But if you need some help lighting that fire, I have some heat for ya' at

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The problem that's facing you isn't the problem.
The problem is how you're facing the issue.

You can't win a fight with the back of your head at the front of "IT's" face.
You have to turn around, see IT for what IT really is, and dig for the answer within yourself.

IT is not going anywhere any time soon but that doesn't mean get used to IT being around! Instead, demolish IT with your character, your integrity, your personality, your ability, your talent, your strengths, your tenacity, your creativity, and your intelligence. Attack IT with a smackdown of hardcore YOU!

Once you find yourself in front of IT's face, you'll never go back into hiding.

Once the real you is awakened, you'll never go back to sleep.

Once you face this problem, you can have the victory that comes with it. ..... once YOU.... That's all it takes! 

#yourturn #yourtime #YOURBESTLIFEYET#befree #bossbabe #bosslife #courage#changes #digdeep #dontbeafraid#dontloseyourfocus #entrepreneurquotes#FREE #goodforbusiness#inspirationalquotes #inspiration#itsyourlife #knowyourworth #keepfocus#lifecoach #newattitude#motivationalspeaker #inspirationalspeaker#ONPURPOSE #push #leadershipquotes#NJPublicSpeaker #womensconference#keynotespeaker #mensconference

#ThingsFallApart but the real YOU never dies.
Let him or her show up and do what she or he does best right in the middle of the mess.

You are the solution to the issue.
Don't let what happened nor what didn't happen dictate to you that you have no right to show up!

Everything about what you're experiencing right now may tell you that you need to quit, stop, let it go, and give it up but "IT" is only temporary. 
IT is going to pass. 
Things will change and when they do, the real YOU needs to be there. 
You can't come out and play when everything is going great and run and hide when crap happens. That's the quickest way to abort the path to your destiny.

Stay true. Stay you. The whole way through at

#yourturn #yourtime #YOURBESTLIFEYET#bossbabe #bosslife #courage #changes#digdeep #dontbeafraid#dontloseyourfocus #entrepreneurquotes#FREE #goodforbusiness#inspirationalquotes #ilead #inspiration#itsyourlife #knowyourworth #keepfocus#lifecoach #newattitude#motivationalspeaker #inspirationalspeaker#ONPURPOSE #push #leadershipquotes#NJPublicSpeaker #goodmorningboss

If you are any of the following:
1. Always has the answer for everyone else.
2. The one people call FIRST.
3. Always sacrifices everything to give everything yet has nothing.
4. Feel unappreciated
5. Feel taken advantage of
6. Feel guilty whenever you do something for yourself.
7. Feels like nobody puts in effort to get you what you deserve.


There's a reason why they treat you that way and you need a change FAST! If not, you'll be living your life for everyone else for the rest of your life. 
Let's talk! I only need an hour! Email for a free discovery session.

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When you choose to stay away from certain people, places, and things because you don't want their "stuff" to rub off on you, SOMETIMES you are missing your opportunity to change their "stuff". Now, I'm not suggesting that hang around just anybody in any place but if fear of being overtaken by their negativity is what's stopping you from going where you need to go, then this is for you.

There should be so much on the INSIDE of you that whenever you're around people or in a particular place, GOOD THINGS START HAPPENING!!! This way, you don't have to fear what's gonna happen to you IF they come near but instead, you can go in purpose AND on purpose knowing that a good change is gonna happen to them THE MOMENT YOU ARRIVE!

Stay home if you're not bringing anything to the party but if you have something so worthwhile that it "takes the cake", then#SHOWUP!

#truth #onmyway #byanymeansnecessary#choice #dontbeafraid #goals #inspiration#knowyourworth #letsgo #livelife#motivation #NewYEAR #newattitude#ONPURPOSE #relationshipgoals #shine#standup #transformation#wastenotwantnot #yourtime #yougotthis#writer #lifecoach #motivationalspeaker#womensconference #mensconference#teenempowerment #life

If you keep looking for the wall to be knocked down for you, you'll miss out on the cracks.

The cracks show you HOW the wall is made to keep you locked in a dissatisfied life and give you the keys to freedom. Once you know the setup, YOU'LL NEVER FALL IN THIS TRAP AGAIN!

It's not about the easy way out but it's about coming out with more than what you had when you went in. 
#digdeep #digdeeper #alltheway#byanymeansnecessary #dontbeafraid#FREEDOM #FREE #getup #getout#inspiration #justdoit #knowyourworth#livelife #motivation #mindovermatter#newyear #newattitude #ONPURPOSE#purpose #Positivity #shine #life#wastenotwantnot #yougotthis #lifecoach#writer #motivationalspeaker

If you've ever been cheated out of what was rightfully yours, then you know what defeat feels like...and if you're anything like me, then you know what fury feels like too!

Sit still. Let that passion burn like a fire fueled by propane and when you feel the strength rise all the way up...when it's burned out every bit of doubt that you were and are on the right track, then go and get what's yours and don't leave anything behind.

You not only want to get what's yours but you want to make sure that for every humiliation, for every bit of shame, for every time your indecencies were exposed, for every time you lacked, and every time you felt the loss of what was taken from; 
you BETTER make IT pay!

That means, when you're well, you not only stay healthy but you take some with you!

That means, when you finally get the house, you go for more house than you really need.

That means, when you finally give the amount you wanted to give in the first place, you give extra and double!

That means, when you do get the car, you upgrade to the higher model.

That means when you finally get all the paperwork in order to operate out of an office, you do one better and open a clinic.

That means when the relationship is restored, you create new memories WHILE you revisit every single thing you love to do together.


Should you be the only one that needs to pay in pain?
Defeat, guilt, shame, poverty, lack, and anything else that came to shut you down owes you what they took and then some.

Make a liar out of every circumstance that came to tell you, NO when you know you had a full blown YES by collecting interest!  #payday #collection #collector #mine #enough #attack #apprehend #courage #doit #nothingtolose #everythingtogain #mytime #goals #hardwork IS #heartwork #tgif #happyfriday #justgotpaid #inspired #inspiration #inspirationalquotes #knowyourworth #live #life #motivation #networth #newattitude #purpose #pain #plan #truth #wastenotwantnot #yourtime

1. Spent too much money on the unnecessary.
2. Gave too much time to the wrong people.
3. Stayed too long in the wrong place. 
4. Placed most of my energy into things that don't matter.
5. Slept my life away.

If you undo everything on this list tonight, you're already back on track.

1. Plan what to do with your money according to your needs, opportunities for growth, giving, investing, and your purpose.

2. Take the time to figure out who you'll take calls from and who you won't. Then limit the time you spend talking or seeing them based on what's required to accomplish your purpose.

3. You know it's time to go home before the clock strikes. There's something in you that tells you, "keep track of your time here... You don't wanna stay too long". LISTEN UP!

4. Limit your time watching TV, scrolling through FB, IG , etc. If you're like the child who's tired but refuses to go to sleep bc they're afraid they will miss something, trust me, you're not missing anything because later on it will still be everywhere for you to see and hear at the same time!

5. Don't sleep. Take naps.

Just a few steps to being closer to your goal...did you think it wouldn't cost you?
The price you're willing to pay either apprehends the end goal OR it delays it.

It's all a matter of choice .. And if someone chooses to pay more than you then you should expect them to make choices for you! 😉

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You don't have to repeat yourself to those who are listening.
Likewise, you should watch what you say in front of those who are listening with an ill motive toward you.

Don't allow your silence to be underrated. You will still say all that needs to be said the moment you shut your mouth. 
There comes a time when action speaks louder than words! 
Although "silence" is classified as a noun it most certainly is an action when you refuse to keep saying the same things over and over to those who only want to use your wisdom and knowledge as band-aids instead of stitches.

-Band-aids make you feel good for the moment but they fall off and need to be constantly replaced.
-Stitches hurt and or itch in order to hold things together until healing comes but once they're in, they're in.

On the other hand, some people just want you to keep talking in order to break you down and figure you out for all of the wrong reasons. When you talk, you become intimately connected, associated, and exposed unto another and they will either use what you've said to build themselves up off of your back after breaking it OR they will use what you've said to tear you down. 
If you choose to keep speaking, choose your words and topics of conversation STRATEGICALLY in order to destroy their strategy. This is still a form of silence.

Again, you don't have to repeat yourself to those who are listening!

Silence is STILL Golden!

#yougotthis #bowdowntoNOthing #courage #digdeep #finishstrong #fullspeedahead #goals #grateful #goodmorning #happyholidays #humpday #inspiration #joy #knowyourself #knowyourworth #keepmoving #lifecoach #motivation #motivationalspeaker #outSTAND #ONPURPOSE #purpose #relationshipgoals #standup #standOUT #soexcited #newattitude #truth #thankful #writer #wastenotwantnot #womensconference #womensempowerment #mensconference #mensempowerment #teenconference #teenempowerment #womensconference2016 #yourtime

PS-....I sincerely resisted the urge to say "Pony Boy" after I said the word "golden" I said it down here instead! LOL! I really couldn't resist. #silenceisgolden #ponyboy LMBO...wait ...what's a pony boy anyway?

I saw this guy on a live stream one Sunday and he reminded me of all the funny boys I loved going to high school with. 
It was like a Will Ferrell Jr. in every class, lunch, gym, bus, and hallway... I kid you not! LOL!
SO, I decided to see where I can hear more about what he had to say since he not only made us laugh but he made sense too. 
Last night on the way home from Utica, NY back to the Jersey Shore, I took another listen and since hubby was driving, I took some notes and thought about what ‪#‎StevenFurtick‬ meant when he mentioned, ‪#‎FixedValues‬.

"Fixed Values" are the mainstays in your life that stay the main focus no matter what's happening. I thought this to be easy as my list would include the usual undisputed important people and things in my life:
God, myself, hubby, kids, etc and I even reviewed the "must-do's", according to each one, which allowed me to perform a self-checkup and even improve some things but that one thing that wasn't on my list was "time".
During that ride home, it was revealed to me that even though I'm in the "people business", I have to scrutinize yet again & even the more what I give my time to and with whom I spend it with. As life requires more of me, it makes me find ways to keep giving even more just so that I can get order to give more! You ain't livin' if you ain't givin'! wink emoticon or if you need it to be said a different way, you're not living if you're not giving or even you haven't lived until you give...I got a bunch of 'em lol.

No sooner than I agreed to make my time a fixed value did I receive a test to see if I meant it. It's not easy to refrain from jumping up and resolving issues ESPECIALLY when you're used to putting out fires, resolving conflicts, and finding real and effective resolutions. It comes very easy to me to act like the yellow guy on ‪#‎mortalkombat‬ (or is it the blue guy? I think the blue guy is the ice guy so I'm going with yellow lol) and release the metal arrow thingy from my hand and pull out the issue lol. That's the keen focus I was blessed with and I'm not bragging but I won't deny it either....however everyone doesn't see me the way I do.
-I see all the daily ‪#‎hardwork‬, ‪#‎heartwork‬, and details that go into entrepreneurship and they see she has no job, she can do it.
-I see running a house and they see, she's not doing anything bc she's home, so she can do it.
-I see the explosive, passionate, and euphoric phenom that takes place when I study and learn and they see it as not that big of a deal because she can do it another time.

Simply put:
-I see a business and they see unemployed.
-I see a family of purpose and they see my time fit to run theirs.
-I see learning as a must and they see learning as an option.

****I see my time as irreplaceable and they see my time as their GRAND opportunity to escape the work required on their part and enter into the comfort of convenience on the dime of my time.****

I've learned the art of making myself sit down and sit still instead of jumping to the rescue every time someone calls for help and you know what, there are times when everything works out just fine without me.
Why? Because I wasn't really needed, I was just wanted!
Then there are times where if I don't show up then the issue isn't resolved.
Why? Because I was really needed and not just wanted but moreso because I was assigned to handle the task.
Still, I never thought to make "my time" a fixed value in the context that Pastor Furtick explained so well.
Wasted time isn't just about sitting around doing nothing but wasted time can come about with misplaced time.
.....and none of us can afford to "miss" our "place" in "time".
Fine tuned....AGAIN! LOL
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....It sounds so cruel to call someone a maggot, right?
I used to watch the movies where the drill sergeant called the new kids on the block, "maggots" and I thought it was funny.
Now that I know what it is, that word is not so nice and it's definitely one of the worse things a person can ever be....not because they'd start from the bottom and work their way up but because a maggot is a tiny bug with the agenda to infect it's hosts ability, power, and resources.
When compared to people, it sounds downright cruel but as we say, "the truth hurts"!

Maggots, not metaphorically speaking, love to feed on domestic sheep and fruit.

Who or what, in your life, comes around when fruit is present?
In other words, after you've worked hard at something and literally have the "fruit" of your labor before you and ready to be enjoyed, some person, or memory, or situation comes up to make the very thing you produced look less appetizing....Just like a maggot on or in an apple.
If you fall for this trick and leave all of your fruit behind, they'll take it for themselves.
Have you ever known someone to tell you something was a bad idea and yet they took the same principle or even the entire blueprint of your plan and used it themselves??
These types of maggots bring out a different side of me.
A not-so-nice side at that!
Here's why: 
The maggots who love sheep, are who they are at face value. 
At least they'll throw your dirty secrets in your face AND behind your back so there's no surprise no matter when you hear what they've said but the maggots who love fruit are some undercover, sneaky, conniving, wretched, low-down, greasy, scoundrels.
Maggots who love fruit will tell you keep going, show their support, and will even put their hand to the plow to appear as being a faithful and helpful participant in your endeavors to success but really, the only reason they haven't bit you in the rear like they would a sheep is because they plan to take what you have.
Everything they say and do is for their benefit at your cost of pushing you to look at what you've worked hard for as not good enough for you JUST SO they can have it.

They want the reward without the work but they're not satisfied until they watch you suffer in humiliation, anguish, frustration, and defeat over fruit that's not only good enough for you but more than enough to nourish those you love and care for.

Everyone does not need to be at the table when you serve your dish.
‪#‎RESERVEDSEATING‬ ‪#‎keepmoving‬ ‪#‎PayAttention‬ ‪#‎becareful‬ ‪#‎newbeginnings‬ ‪#‎newattitude‬ ‪#‎nothingtolose‬ ‪#‎everythingtogain‬ ‪#‎byanymeansnecessary‬ ‪#‎Courage‬ ‪#‎dontletitbreakyourstride‬ ‪#‎motivation‬ ‪#‎inspiration‬ ‪#‎purpose‬ ‪#‎destiny‬ ‪#‎dowhatyougotta‬ ‪#‎protectivelifestyle‬ ‪#‎protectyourneck‬ ‪#‎thanksgiving2016‬


So! Check this out!
Did you know that flies LOVE to infect sheep with their larvae!
Okay so that doesn't sound so interesting right? Right!
Here's the interesting part: flies love and PREFER domestic sheep and they specifically look for urine and feces in order to know where "X" marks the spot.
Oh Boy ...don't get restless on me! 
I know, I know...what am I getting at this time? (I can hear you lol!)

Well here it goes:
People who never want you to succeed in anything, are just like flies who flock to dirty places! They will specifically recall your "dirty little secrets" in order to implant in your mind that you've never changed, have never progressed, and don't deserve the accomplishment you're working for and have coming.
And then, just like that, they fly away and leave you to sulk and saturate in the mess they've left behind which are seeds of destruction and paralyzation that act just like maggots!

Maggots hatch from fly larvae within 8 to 24 hours from the point of contact. That's how quick that seed of destruction festers...within a shift at a 9-5 job or overnight, that seed has not only hatched but it has buried itself after piercing the skin and is traveling through your ENTIRE being to infect your ENTIRE system with MALFUNCTION.
When maggots hatch near or on a domestic sheep's anus, a place of vulnerability, they lacerate the skin to get inside and cause infection to spread through blood and if you know anything about blood, it travels through the entire body and causes an infection that shuts the "sheep" down to death or causes a slow death with toxins which weaken the body. As I always say, death is not always literal but missing out on your destiny and purpose is still death! Ever hear a "dead man/woman walking" or ‪#‎thelivingdead‬?

The only thing is though, check this out too, these flies prefer "domestic" sheep over everything....meaning that they prefer the sheep "at home".
Likewise, if you prefer to stick with the same crowd or run with the same people and never do greater things with people smarter and further along than you, then you are a TARGET!

They can't catch you if you're moving!
‪#‎keepmoving‬ ‪#‎PayAttention‬ ‪#‎DirtyLittleSecrets‬ ‪#‎GetOverIt‬ ‪#‎Iam‬ ‪#‎forgiveness‬ ‪#‎newbeginnings‬ ‪#‎newattitude‬ ‪#‎nothingtolose‬ ‪#‎everythingtogain‬ ‪#‎byanymeansnecessary‬ ‪#‎Courage‬ ‪#‎dontletitbreakyourstride‬ ‪#‎motivation‬ ‪#‎inspiration‬ ‪#‎purpose‬ ‪#‎destiny‬ ‪#‎dowhatyougotta‬ ‪#‎protectivelifestyle‬ ‪#‎protectyourneck‬...or wherever else you're vulnerable wink emoticon

Do you see #deadpeople?

Not those who are buried in the ground but I'm talking about those who are living.  
Better yet, before you answer, here are
7 Traits To Identify Dead People:

1.  They are in the same place.
2.  They are not progressing.
3.  Their money slips through their fingers (paying bills or not).
4.  They waste their talent by doing nothing.
5.  They're always interested in a short cut that will lead them to      the reward of hard work.
6.  They love to bring up who you used to be by reminding you of your old nature and your old dirty little secrets.
7.  Dysfunction, abnormality, chaos, confusion, and malfunction follows them everywhere they go, including whenever they're in your presence.

If you noticed that all of these things register with a particular person or group AND/or at least one of these things register with who you are and where you are, then you need to check your circle and disassociate fast!  Your ability to move forward, your progress, your money, your talent, your hard work, your covering, and your expectations are all at risk and probably already dwindling.

The things about maggots is that they spread bacterial infection through open wounds.  If a person or group you're connected to or with is infested with these 7 traits due to lack of movement, then you're likely to find an egg or two having been laid in you.  The thought alone should make you feel disgusted!

You are worth too much to hang around the dead.
Dead people and dead groups produce nothing and have no movement.  They become food for maggots and will inevitably succumb to all 7 infections on this list.

This is so serious.  I can't give you everything I know about this in one post so be sure to stay tuned but in the meantime, 

It's time we check for maggots!

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That last hit knocked you to your knees.
If you stay down, you can't see what's against you nor what's working for you.

If you stay down, it's only going to keep kicking you in the face (the torment of what you should or could have done adds insult to injury).

If you stay down, you #FORFEIT this entire moment that could lead to your biggest break yet....And you need this.  
Not for everyone else but you need this one for YOU.  
To prove to yourself that you always had what it took and that you were right about you all along.  

Take a deep breath and gather the strength within and get up.

Even if you don't win against the opposition like you wanted, you'll still tire it out and take it by surprise.

More and most importantly, you'll see that you can face issues of this size head on because it's not as big as you thought it was and you're bigger than you thought you were. #GETINTHEFIGHT

#NOFORFEIT #grappling #holdon #getup #standup #fight #thisoneisforyou #yourtime #yourdreams #yourdestiny #yourvision #yourgoal #yourmoment #yourpurpose #yourlife #ISATSTAKE #respect #frustration #keepgoing #inspire #theforceawakens #motivation #purpose #liveyourdreams #onpurpose #inpurpose #lifequotes #inspiration #makeithappen #NOW can feel it!  You go to bed with it, toss and turn with it, wake up with it, and go throughout your day with it.

Simply put, it comes to stop you. PERIOD.  Whatever you're doing and whatever you intend to do, frustration comes to put a stop to you.

The thing is, how do we push past frustration when it becomes a signal that you know there's something more and something better out there that's harder to reach?  Truth be told, you're not ready yet.  If you were, you would have attained it.

Here's why:
That frustration you feel is there to put a stop to you but when you're ready to achieve that next level, you make frustration bow down to you.

All you have to do is keep doing what you're doing and when you've reached the end goal, DO IT AGAIN but this time, change your method.  When you reach the end goal after changing your method, DO IT AGAIN and yes, CHANGE THE METHOD AGAIN.  By the time you finish changing your method and reaching your end goals, you'll become an expert on the level you're on WHICH will give you insight to your next end goal ahead of time.  

How can you remember the vision along the way if you can't envision what the end is going to be?

When you keep bouncing back at frustration with productivity, it will break AND your faith is increased, your hope is stronger, and your energy is intensified.  THOSE ARE ALL THE THINGS YOU'LL NEED ON THE NEXT LEVEL TO ATTAIN THE NEXT END GOAL!  

Becoming an expert, right here, right now, and right where you are changes your mind to believe and know that that next "thing" is possible!  And then POOF!  Frustration is gone...until it comes on the next level ;)

#GoodMorning #HappyTuesday #YouGotThis #DontLetItBreakYourStride #MAXOUT #righthererightnow #grateful #latenights #earlymornings #entrepreneur #GOALS #coffeetime #needforspeed

We are frustrated when the solution, which we know is available to us, seems out of reach. It's easy to take the inability to grasp the solution or attain the goal as justification to quit and sometimes, we do reach for things that aren't for us BUT when we know that we're supposed to reach the unreachable, we can't just quit.