Detoxing is all about removing the things that you’ve taken in so that they don’t take you under.

With all that’s going on in the world and furthermore, all that’s going on in your world, from sun up to sun down, you’re subjected and exposed to poisons that harm the mind, soul, body, and of course, your spirit.

•    This is the reason why people feel restless after a long night’s sleep
•    This is also the reason why people feel well rested after short naps due to exhaustion
•    This is the reason why even the most intelligent and wise, can’t think clearly
•    This is the reason why someone can be with Mr. or Mrs. Right and still desire Mr. or Mrs. Wrong
•    This is the reason why you hate your job; unless of course you’re supposed to operate your own business
•    This is the reason why some people are so moody, even when nothing is apparently wrong
•    This is the reason why there’s no joy, peace, nor compassion or consideration for others
•    This is the reason why despair, depression, and sadness takes over the day and leads into dark nights
•    This is the reason why after all of these years, Mr. Right or Mrs. Right feels like Mr. Wrong or Mrs. Wrong
•    This is the reason why the children seem to be more burdensome than ever before
•    This is the reason why he or she never seems to be satisfied
•    This is the reason why you take the blame for “never doing anything right.”
•    This is the reason why bad food is chosen over good food and although we aren’t discussing a physical diet during this spiritual detox, it is something to consider.  I’ll have a few suggestions as food does make a difference but it’s not a requirement

They say you are what you eat but what’s even clearer is that you eat how you feel.
— Nzinga Jackson

If anything on the list above sounds like you or if you know that something is just “off” with you, you are more than likely in need of a spiritual detox.  While there’s more to the list, in short, the goal is to:
•    Rest in peace, not in pieces
•    Have mental energy to drive your being in the right direction
•    Have the ability to think clearly
•    Have the courage to say what you mean and not only what you believe they want to hear
•    Love Mr. or Mrs. Right, the right way again
•    Let the little things roll off of your back at work or even find the clarity needed for the instructions on starting your      business.
•    Lead your emotions instead of allowing them to lead you
•    Feel a sense of joy, peace, and understanding
•    Bask in the sunshine, or at least catch some rays of, happiness
•    Find appreciation for the good your children bring or have brought into your life
•    Become full of gratefulness
•    Seek ways to give from your best place
•    Become satisfied in giving your best
•    Maybe, possibly, eat the apple instead of the apple pie OR have 1 slice of pie instead
Here are my Ten Foundational Rules of a Spiritual Detox:
1.    I’m not going to tell you what to eat and what not to eat.  If you arrive at that moment then great and if not, I’ll have some resources for you.
2.    This one is going to be hard for some but I have to do it!  No TV and if you feel like you just HAVE to watch something, then select 3 programs that have the least negative impact on your emotions.  That means that if you’re still hurt from an infidelity, you may not want to watch the story about a club owner who left his family for another woman and is trying not to be a drug dealing killing machine, On Demand TV.  ;)
3.    Moments of silence are required throughout the day, every single day, at least 3 times a day.  Once in the morning when everything is quiet which means you may have to wake up a few minutes earlier.  Once in the midday, even if it requires a bathroom escape and once just before you lay down for bed….not when you lay down for bed because you’ll fall asleep but just before you lay down for bed.  Most people have their quiet moment in the shower which helps to monitor all of the thoughts that run wild under water anyway.
4.    Grateful meditation is required throughout the day.  I’ll explain what that means later but for now, just know you’ll need a list of things you’re happy about and thankful for.
5.    Intentional positive intake is required throughout the detox.  It could be in the form of a song, a portrait, art, a book, etc.
6.    Positive expression is required throughout the detox.  You could sing that song you love, paint your own portrait, turn some sand into glass, or even write your own book, etc.
7.    Building each other up throughout the month is also requirement.  There’s someone out here who needs to know you and more than likely, you need to know them too!
8.    You can’t tell a single soul who won’t be accepting of you trying something new.  If you feel a tug in your heart or even have a quick thought not to share with someone, then don’t!
9.    You must bring one or more persons with you and if you don’t have anyone right now, then hopefully you’ll welcome those of us who are willing to be your support system with open arms!
10.    Take in more of the good stuff than the bad every single day. 

I have built an entire world to help you throughout this 30-day period via an online group, email, video, texts (if you prefer), and more.  The sole-goal and soul-goal is to make sure that you’re not working on the outside first with an expectancy of having long-lasting internal health AND to recalibrate your mind, soul, and spirit to work together for you.  I’ll be there the whole way and since I love this so much, I’ll be doing it with you.  
It’s in, then out.  Not out then in and for 30 days, you’re going to have something just for you!  JUST FOR YOU!!  It feels refreshing just thinking about it!  We start on December 1, 2016 and end December 31, 2016 and of course there’s no charge, just as it should be!

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Sign up by entering your name and email address. You'll receive the exact details prior to the start date of 11/1/16.