If you've ever been mistreated to the point of wishing or even trying not to be the kind, loving, and generous person that you are then you'll know it's not a cliche when I say,


There’s nothing wrong with how kind, loving, and generous you are, but there may be an issue with who you're giving to and how you disperse the goodness that is you.  Listen, it's good to give of yourself and I'm all for it, but what I'm not for is you being repeatedly misused to the point of wanting to morph into someone you're not and were never called to be.  If you’re anything like me, which I’m sure you are, you tried to be someone else and that ensemble just didn’t fit! After you feel uncomfortable, you probably did what I did and just went back to being yourself and still end up hurt, misused, mistreated, and even neglected. Honey Bunny…..You don't really want to be someone other than who you really are and with my Hey You! Remember You. Masterclass (How to effectively process and manage your emotions and mindset so that your heart cannot be used against you), you won't have to turn into the mean girl or the mean guy to protect yourself from the people who make you resent having a good heart!

This course starts 12/31/2018, but in the meantime I'll be hosting live webinars with full information about the course AND to provide you with my 7 TIPS TO A HEART OF GOLD DEFENSE to help you hold on until you can roll on, “it” can roll off, and they can roll out (if they need to) with the help of my masterclass.  It's like enjoying a slice until you can have the whole pie (margherita pizza, sweet potato, or whatever; the choice is yours!)

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