Like most of us, I came here wired with an instinct to nurture and after some thoughtful wisdom and practical steps, my wish to personally walk each client through their HYRY Optimization Journey has come true with the HYRY Virtual Optimization Journey™.  Through this virtual method of 1 on 1 coaching, we'll embark on the path to being "unselfishly-selfish" with 1 on 1 weekly coaching sessions via email.  I want you to have the tools and know-how to complete each life journey successfully no matter what you encounter along the way and I've designed the HYRY Virtual Optimization Journey™ with the same purpose as the HYRY Optimization Journey™.  The virtual package can also be used repeatedly for each path until you know the routine well enough to instinctively be underwhelmed by what's trying to overwhelming you.

Divided into segments, you'll receive weekly reinforcement which is strategically crafted for all of the HYRYZERS in my program.  You'll also get to complete each session at your own pace, refer to the program resources as often as you need, build a new foundation, and maintain living a balanced life.  Your virtual journey is personally designed, written, and facilitated so that you too will have a Life Optician who gives from a full tank of gas at all times instead of fumes.  This is my way of saying "Thank You" to everyone who chooses me as their partner in their journey to well-being.  

Together, we're going to personally:

  • Peel back layers
  • Initiate new ways of thinking
  • Put what we've learned into action

With my HYRY Tactics grafted within these phases, you'll get the key essentials needed to live your best life yet and listed below is all that's offered with a completion in this journey with me.  

You'll be able to:                                                                                                                                                                  

  • Identify where, how, and why the "sacrificial lamb" syndrome started
  • Identify how long you've maintained this role
  • Find out what prompts you to keep volunteering for this role
  • Get a full scope of what prevents you from escaping this role
  • Change your mindset about what you deserve and what you don't
  • Become "unselfishly-selfish"
  • Balance your giving to others
  • Use the word "no" without feeling the weight of guilt
  • Use the word "yes" without being prompted by guilt
  • Prepare and recover from the backlash that comes from saying "YES" to you
  • Apply strategic methods that help reduce anxiety
  • Train others how to address, respect, and treat you
  • See yourself as an individual outside of the roles you play
  • Enter into a journey of self-discovery
  • Know and remain true to who you really are and what you really want
  • Locate your passion, purpose, and destiny in life

You'll also get:  

  • Daily or weekly texts or email reminders to help keep you on track
  • Exclusive access to online groups and online events
  • Templates that serve as check points in your progress
  • Free giveaways (like my mini e-book, "A New You Just Won't Do!")
  • Discounts and first-chance alerts on events, merchandise, seminars, workshops, and more!

                                  After completing your one time payment of $1997 or your segmented 3-month monthly payment of $699 for the 12 week HYRY Virtual Optimization Journey™, you'll also receive custom links to download the weekly programs wherever you please! 

This option is available to everyone with no limited amount of clients and still provides the shovel AND the partner you need to help yourself "start digging".