To make sure that I'm balanced in my giving, I accept a certain number of clients each year.  With my 1 on 1 coaching titled, HYRY Optimization Journey™, you'll be apart of a select few I'll share my time with.  Time is very precious to me and I'll only work 1 on 1 with those who are serious about using the sessions we have together to change their lives for the better.  I want you to always use the tools I share with you to build and maintain a better way of life on a consistent basis without having to need me.  Will I assist you within a different phase in your life?  Of course I will BUT overall, I want you to be armed with the right tools at all times no matter what.  I'd love for you to accept my offer of a free discovery session and get started on our 12 week HYRY Optimization Journey™ that addresses all points listed below in a compassionate, focused, and receptive method with confidentiality and truth being our number one rules.

My style is divided into phases while using weekly reinforcement that I personally provide and have customized according to who you are, what you're experiencing, your progress points, and where you're headed.  

There are no general memo's in this program! 

Together, we're going to personally:

  • Peel back layers
  • Initiate new ways of thinking
  • Put what we've learned into action

With my HYRY Tactics™ grafted within these phases, you'll get the key essentials needed to live your best life yet and listed below is all that's offered with when you choose me as your leading partner.  

You'll be able to:                                                                                                                                                                  

  • Identify where, how, and why the "sacrificial lamb" syndrome started
  • Identify how long you've maintained this role
  • Find out what prompts you to keep volunteering for this role
  • Get a full scope of what prevents you from escaping this role
  • Change your mindset about what you deserve and what you don't
  • Become "unselfishly-selfish"
  • Balance your giving to others
  • Use the word "no" without feeling the weight of guilt
  • Use the word "yes" without being prompted by guilt
  • Prepare and recover from the backlash that comes from saying "YES" to you
  • Apply strategic methods that help reduce anxiety
  • Train others how to address, respect, and treat you
  • See yourself as an individual outside of the roles you play
  • Enter into a journey of self-discovery
  • Know and remain true to who you really are and what you really want
  • Locate your passion, purpose, and destiny in life

You'll also get:

  • A free discovery session to make sure we work well together.  
  • Daily or weekly texts or email reminders to help keep you on track
  • Exclusive access to online groups and online events
  • Templates that serve as check points in your progress
  • Free giveaways (like my mini e-book, "A New You Just Won't Do!")
  • Discounts and first-chance alerts on events, merchandise, seminars, workshops, and more!

I approach investments the same way I engage with my clients.  That means that everything is presented to you, in totality, ahead of time.

For $1997 you'll be provided with 1 on 1 sessions in order to achieve the objectives stated above and you'll have:

  • Phone and email support from yours truly!  Nobody answers your calls, texts, and emails except me.
  • One 30 minute emergency call, that can be used once during each phase, outside of your weekly 1-hour sessions and your regular phone, text, and email support.

If you're considering breaking your sessions down into segments, you can and you'll be provided the same HYRY Tactics™ for $699 per month. 

No matter what method you decide to use to start your journey, all that matters is that you get started!  

Start with your free discovery session as all slots are on a yearly first come, first served basis.