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See what people have to say about their time spent with me & HEARING ME SPEAK.

Zee is one of the most authentically genuine hearted people I have met. She has a way of making you feel comfortable and important to her. I walked into her life one day after having communicated online and via phone, and her warmth when we were face to face gave me great comfort. She has poured into my life spiritually and relationally and whether we speak on a regular basis or not, we have a mutual understanding that we have a true connection.
— K. Pavelick of Canada
Zee has made such an impact in my life. Her love and passion for life alone makes her stand out in a crowd. I have reminded myself of her words so many times when I felt so under attack.
— A. Guerrini of NJ
Nzinga has so many great qualities I don’t know where to begin. She’s authentic when speaking with people is a great listener that will let me get it out whether you agree with me or not. She has a great soothing mother voice with genuine concern for all parties involved. And last but not least she will tell it like it is with a great delivery message. She’s a God-send and I wish her all the best.
— K. Alston of NC
When I met Zee there was such a presence about her that I found myself wanting to talk to her, which is rare for me because of fear, judgement, and rejection. When I talked to her, I was glad I did. I found it easy to share things with her and she’s very knowledgeable and understanding. I truly believe she is doing a good work the way it should be done.
— N. Watson of NJ
Nzinga Jackson, is a true God Fearing Woman who has inspired me in so many ways to believe in God and Trust in Love as well as myself and my dreams.
— D. Austin of NC
Nzinga is an inspiration to anyone that has the opportunity to know her and as my former student of Fashion Design she has allowed me to be the best teacher I can be because of her open heart and integrity.
— O. Rosario of NJ
Nzinga is truly an inspiration. She is dedicated to making sure we all are able to overcome what life holds for us (past, present and future issues). A pleasure to work with and be around.
— A. Jackson of NJ