Most times, when people hear the term “hard work is heart work”, they instantly assume that the hard work I’m referring to is physical exertion and the heart work is for someone else’s benefit. 

We’re used to thinking and even believing that doing good deeds from the heart for others makes us and completes us as individuals but this book challenges that idea.  While I’m all for doing good deeds from the heart, I’m more for doing good deeds from the heart because that’s who you truly are FIRST!  According to free will, your heart is yours to keep and yours to give but know that your heart is a gift and regardless of whether you take pleasure in it for self or share with others, your heart encases the clues to what has made you sick, what has poisoned you, as well as mixes of the two.  The only thing left to do is pay some attention to your heart in order to figure out what’s ailing you and even tend to the wound.  As a matter of fact, paying attention to your heart alone will already provide a portion of the antidote you need.

This book works by identifying what has made you heart sick and helps you locate the antidote of truth.  The goal is to help you maintain a healthy “heartitude” (heart attitude) built on the principle that this method of reflection is not so you can become better for everyone else.  It’s so that you can become a better person to yourself, first and foremost, and anyone who is on the receiving end of your heartfelt deeds, love, and affection is a beneficiary, not the policy holder.

With that being said, there are some things I’d like for you to keep in mind throughout your journey reading this book and they are:

1.     You are more spirit than you will ever be human and you are in charge of which part of your being you allow to be in charge. 

2.     Be honest with yourself!  After reflection comes revelation and you want to be sure to allow the words and activities in this book to provoke you to change for the better for you.  Remember, this is a gift and investment that you’re making into yourself and for yourself first; how serious you take it is up to you.

3.     Implement what you learn repeatedly.  You’ll be lead you into self-reflection but your heart may have years of layers filled with thoughts and ideas that have prevented you from arriving at the biggest improvement in your life.  Take the time to not only read but do on a consistent basis for progress.

4.     This book is not an excuse to tell people where to go and the quickest way to get there simply because they haven’t returned the favor you’ve extended.  Instead, each chapter helps to lead you into self-discovery and makes you aware of what you have to offer to yourself.  The last thing you want to do is live life knowing everyone you’re attached to and their needs and not you and your needs.  Furthermore, when you refuse to tend to your being, you’ll wind up resenting the ones you neglected yourself for and may place pressure on them to figure you out.  Keep in mind that you will make sacrifices for your loved ones but those sacrifices should come from a healthy being who knows that should they allow an imbalance to occur, they can remain sound in heart, mind, and spirit until they are fully replenished; and knows how to be replenished.

5.     Although last, this is the most important rule of all:  Empty out, so that you can fill up.  It’s important to approach this book with the idea that you are starting over as if you’re a newbie in order to learn something new.  This way of thinking increases the knowledge you already have and helps you to catch what you’ve been missing!©