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Some things are short, sweet, and simple.  

The topic of intentional speaking is one of those things:

Everything about our lives is set to respond to us! 

Whether it be based on the initiation of speech or our verbal reaction to occurence; everything about, in, and around our lives is set to respond to our command.

And what is a command?  It's a group of instructional words that are animated by the authority of your spirit.  It's not the words that are powerful but it's what's embedded in your spiritual DNA behind your choice of words that make the things you say come to life.  That kind of power is with you at all times whether you acknowledge it or not.  EVERY.  SINGLE.  THING. you say is not just "talk".  Instead, your words ARE commands whereby the universe and the spiritual realm respond to accordingly.

Imagine living your life remembering that you are more spirit than you will ever be human.  

Now imagine living your life remembering that you give life to every single word you speak.

Would you continue to wake up in the morning and let the day just happen?

Would you continue to say, "It is what it is", "Oh Well", or "I can't call it"?

Would you still see yourself as powerless?

Would you still feel hopeless and helpless?

Would you let life command you instead of you commanding it?

The cliche, "think before you speak", was never to simply be careful of how you make someone else feel, but it's really a reminder to take a moment before you open your mouth and realize that what you're about to say is going to come alive.  Furthermore, that pause before you speak will help you analyze if you really desire or are ready for the command prompt you're about to run in your system of life.  INTENT means to do or say something on purpose and if you have no other reason to be intentional with your words then at least say the right things on purpose because there are some others who are intentionally saying the wrong things about you.  Oh yeah, their words come alive too.

Every day and every moment you have must be practiced with intentional speaking.  Even if you think or feel something negative, you can change the intensity and outcome of those thoughts and feelings by uttering something different, something greater, something better, something of growth, and something beautiful ON PURPOSE.

Having a good life experience is not only based on what you do but it's also based on what you don't do and if you're not commanding life, it's no wonder why life is commanding you.