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Only The Strong Finish In The Middle



We all know how the story goes!

The race is started with a full pot of steam ready to be spread evenly across the journey but by the time  the finish line is approached, the pot of steam seems empty. 

The idea that every goal or mission is harder just before completion comes from the thought and/or feeling of not having enough steam as in the beginning to reach the end.


Why is it that it's always the hardest just before the end? 

Why is it that the storm is worse just before it's over?

It's not because you're doing something wrong.

It's not because you're running the wrong race.

It's not because you're not keeping the right pace.

It's not because you're on the wrong path.

It's not because you need to give up.

It's because you used your steam at the most important part of the journey; THE MIDDLE.

The middle can be viewed as an opportunity to turn around and go back or completely go off track, BUT for those who are determined to finish what they've started, they know the amount of steam, made of sweat, blood, and tears, it takes to keep themselves from changing their mind!

It's not the part just before the end of the battle that's the hardest because frankly, you're at the finish line, but the middle is the hardest because you haven't gone far enough to refuse to turn around.

The middle is the hardest because you haven't gone far enough to where you're closer to the end point than the starting line.

The power move to body your opposition is about using your strength to defeat the part of you that's telling you to quit.

It's not the weather.

It's not your surroundings.

It's not the doubters, haters, nor fakers.

It's not the money.

It's not the enemy.

You wouldn't be able to receive their message to quit if you didn't understand their language!

Secondly, the opposition is speaking up because you're not loud enough in your own mind, heart, and spirit.

The best way to silence (body) the opposition is speak louder with the action of following through and staying your course.

You may not see the tangible evidence that you're doing the right thing right now.

You may not see tangible proof that you're going to win the fight right now.

You may not see tangible fruit from your labor in the middle of this journey BUT you will see is a moment of truth!  This IS the only AND precise moment that you will have to:

1.  Center the core of your mind with the intention of facing the fact that something INSIDE of you wants to give up.

2.  Hoist the thought of aborting the mission in the air to fully examine where that weakness comes from.

3.  Grab onto it tightly after you've located it by admitting to yourself that what was said or done had an effect on you. (you're indestructible, not invincible).

4.  And hurl it to the ground on it's back to never get up again by using your strengths to focus on who you and what you have despite all that tried to make you change your mind about WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU HAVE!

This power move is going to take everything within you to keep going and yet, it's all you need to finish!

Only the strong FINISH and the moment you body the opposition in the middle of the journey IS the moment that you finish strong and win!

Reaching the finish line is for everyone else to see that you are the champ but winning in the middle, when nobody else is watching, serves as proof to yourself that you were right for the fight all along.

You win because you're the champ before you start!  You were born for this and you're the right man or woman for the job.....You just have to remember that when it counts the most in the middle.

If you're in the middle of your journey and you want to finish what you've started, let's tag team your "inner me" with exposure!  Share your vulnerabilities in the comments and then we'll activate and empower your strengths.




If you’ve been following my Instagram and Facebook pages, then you know that I’ve been pushing the idea that it’s time to “DO”.  It’s time to execute the plans we’ve made because if you know anything from the news you hear or even what you see, you also know that anything can happen at any given moment.  Life is precious because it expires easily and the only thing left of us on earth is what we’ve done, but I didn’t come here today to talk about death, although I believe you should acknowledge it being just as real as life.

I want to talk to you about what’s really holding you back.  I’m all about identifying reasons and then talking about the how in reference to the what or the who and today, I want to talk to you about PEOPLE!

What they’ll think of me, what they’ll say about me, and how they’ll treat me are all underlying reasons as to why we do what we do and don’t do.  To some degree, caring what others think can help you step your game up so that they can only say good things about you or so that if they talk badly about you, at least they can’t say it was all bad and then we can call it hate or jealousy to make ourselves feel better about being talked about (got all of that?  Good!).

Okay, on to the topic of discussion which is The Real Deal Behind What’s Holding You Back

The real deal is that people treat you based on what they’ve said about you

Have you ever noticed that you’re treated more kindly or rudely in public based upon a private conversation?  I can remember plenty of times where people became silent the moment I walked in the room or made sudden changes after spending time with someone who wasn’t fond of me.  I can also remember being treated better or worse than everyone in the room because of what was said about me behind closed doors.  You too may have befriended someone who loves your company in private but the moment they’re around the people they’ve gossiped to about you, their demeanor changes.  On the flip, there are those who, because of how you can leverage their WHOLE life, love you to death to everyone until there’s someone “higher” to love.  Cut it any way you want, none of this feels good at all.  Cut it up a little more and what’s left to be discovered is why any of it moves you at all, even if a little bit.

Secondly, people talk about you based on what they think of you

Everyone has their defenses up in order NOT to be “taken for a fool”, as they say.  You’re never innocent until proven guilty but you’re guilty until proven innocent and depending on the experiences of the one who is evaluating what kind of crimes you’re capable of committing, they will hand down a charge and sentence based on your money, your children, your spouse, your job, your clothes, your hair, your walk, your talk, your beliefs, your faith, the whiteness of your teeth, and your anything.  You will always be the topic of discussion in every seat they take at every table they sit because perception is linked to the mind and frankly, you’re on theirs and they don’t know how to get you off nor out let alone face the reason behind why you’re on it!  It’d be nice if there was an audience that refuses to take a seat at the table for gossip tales but until we all get there, keep in mind that you too will have your turn at being an audience member and starting a new wave is always the nice and right thing to do.

Thirdly, people think of you according to how they see themselves

Sometimes you’re their mirror and they hate you or love you because of who you have the nerve to be despite the trend and sometimes, they just want you as company for their misery (yes, I know I could have said misery loves company but that’s not the way I’m rolling this time around the blog bend).  The only way people can perceive what kind of soul you are is because of what’s in theirs.  People love or hate another person because of something they have in common and what they were taught to think about the TYPE of person they have something in common with.  When we cross paths with one another, there’s an interaction that takes place and it either rubs us the right way or the wrong way. So, if they feel that you’re trying to be someone you’re not, it’s because they’re trying to be someone they’re not or they used to be someone they weren’t.  Maybe it was the way you walked in, the color you chose to wear, the look in your eyes, or even your resting (you know what) face that triggered an action inside of them that reminded them of the beam in their own eye.  They’ll either love you for it or they’ll hate you for it but either way, their response to you is based on how they see themselves and what they’re saying/doing or not saying/doing about what they see.  You are a walking conviction to others who refuse to do what they’re supposed to do and be who they’re supposed to be because every time they see you, hear you, or even hear your name, they’re reminded that they’re only existing instead of living.  On the flip, sometimes they’re right and they just want to be far away from you as possible to avoid going back to who they used to be (which means they’re still processing) or avoid being exposed.

So, now that we’ve broken all down why people think about, talk about, and treat you the way they do, we can clearly see that the heart of their issues with you HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!!!

These are all judgements AND as I’ve told you before, (at least I think I did), judgements are bad AND good opinions outside of the truth and you have to make it up in your mind that the truth is all that matters to you and works for you.  Why are you abiding by rulings (judgement) that have no officiation over your life?  Someone’s good or bad ruling cannot make you nor break you IF it’s not the truth.  By all means, if something someone has said about you rings true or if the way someone treats you is warranted then you have to face that head on, understand their defenses, and do your best to change, only you’re not changing because you want to be treated better but you’re changing because you want to BE better!  However, if your character, moral, values, and overall heartitude does not line up with their accusations, why does it bother you to the point of conforming for their acceptance?  Thoughts and actions of doing things for the sake of other people having something nice to say and treating you better when you are already who you’re supposed to be makes you a prisoner in their cell.  You and all of them are now bunk buddies who have arrived at the same place for committing the same crime of attacking YOU!

So essentially, the point isn’t that what others think or being concerned about what others think is holding your back.  Is there something about their idea of you that rings true in your heart?  Or, and here’s the real question behind the real deal behind what’s holding you back, is it that your perception of yourself isn’t strong enough to knock the teeth out of their perception.  Sure, maybe you know who you really are but are you making sure the real you is free at all times or do you lock yourself up occasionally when so and so comes around?  It’s easy to commit an act in order to persuade another to think or feel a particular way about you but when you respond to the opinions of others, you get distracted from being yourself and when you are distracted from being yourself, you prove the haters, the doubters, the non-believers, the opinionaters to be right in their ways toward you.

If you don’t care what others think then you won’t let their thoughts and actions stop you but bigger than that, if you were FULLY sold on who you are, YOU WOULD MOVE FORWARD.