She’s cute, but she can do better….

She’s cute, but she can do better….

I usually don’t wait until the New Year to do something new, but this time around, I needed some time to make up my mind BECAUSE over the next 6 months, I am diving into everything I shoulda, woulda, coulda. For 6 months, I’m giving unprecedented focus to the parts of my life that will “make me” if I “break me”…If I don’t do it, life will so I’m beating it to the punch!

I’m going to be transparent and I’m going to keep you updated, but for today’s Dive In, I’m starting with my health! I am 5’2“ (possibly 5’1”) and you read my blog title correctly, I am 235 POUNDS. O_o

That .2 is so unnecessary!

That .2 is so unnecessary!

Now, if you’ve seen me, you know I’m bottom heavy and while I love the goods that the Good Lord gave me since a baby with “hips hanging out of her diaper”, I have expanded those goods beyond HIS intent LOL! But no really, my back hurts, my knees hurt, I’m not sleeping well, I’m not digesting well, I overall don’t feel good, and I love clothes, but I hate shopping for myself. I’m all for the big girls winnin’, but for me, this ain’t winnin’ nor livin’ and I was born to win. I was born to live (OBVIOUSLY)!

And so, my journey to health and 100 pounds down brought me back to a program I tried and loved a few years ago. I tried a shake program called Vivri and in 10 days I lost about 9 pounds, BUT the greatest benefit was how I felt!! I slept well, I didn’t crave the cakes and pies, my nails and hair grew like a Chia Pet lol, my dark under eye circles went away, I had no pain in my joints and back, my digestion was on point, I wasn’t hungry, everything in the system was delish, and my energy was steady and constant! I stayed on it for a while, but I didn’t maximize it because I looked at Vivri as a way to cheat the hard work. In other words, I undervalued the whole program :(

As of today, 01/01/19, I’m BACK on my Vivri Shakes and

I’ll be following the regimen for 6 months straight:



-2 Vivri Shakes a Day mixed in with their Power Me! energy powder (Cafe Latte-my fave) to replace coffee. It tastes like a chocolate or vanilla frappe depending on the flavor.

-Morning Snack (fruit….cocktail…you won’t get that if you’ve never seen Half Baked, but no really-I’m just eating fresh fruit)

-1 Sensible Meal/day (I’m keeping it simple with a mix of kale - love kale! - or spinach or salad, sweet potato or quinoa or zucchini/squash, and either fish or chicken and beef once a month)


but instead of just Vivri, I’m combining it with intermittent fasting, milk thistle tincture, plenty of water, and rooibos tea with erythritol for a touch of sweet. I’ll have my last shake for the night at 7pm, I’ll have my first shake at 11am, and I’ll have my meal for lunch around 3:30/4pm. I want to be on time ending my meal by/at 7pm so that’s why I’m going with a shake for dinner.

One more thing, over the next 6 months, I will be so busy that I don’t want to think about what I’m putting in my body nor prep healthy food. I just want to know what I’m consuming and go for it!

Here’s what’s in my shakes:

vivri contents.png

Once my 6 months is up, I’ll continue the sensible meals and I’ll drop down to one shake per day (probably dinner) and I plan to NEVER do THIS to myself again.

The thing is this, I’m all about self-love and I do love me some me, but if I really mean it then I can’t just focus on two parts of my being and neglect the other. I have my soul together. My spirit is in tact. Now it’s time for my body to join in!

PS- the last time I followed the Vivri nutrition system, so many people around me signed up because of my progress. If you’re looking to change with Vivri, click here.