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Everyone seems to leave and when they do, they leave you last on their list of "IOU's" if they ever get to you at all.  Even those closest to you seem to be unaware they constantly disappoint you while consistently asking for anything and everything you have and are.  What's worse is that the thing or things they're asking for requires you to once again make an extraordinary substantial sacrifice, which requires more than the mindless "thank you" they may or may not give. Then, when you finally ask a favor because your back is against a caving wall, you're subjected to a "no" in return for all of your countless deeds and therefore are left to be the only one who feel the pain of the bricks falling.  Adding insult to injury, you're also the one to dig yourself out from underneath those brick and start all over again.  From the dust, you explode in fury or even implode in despair.  Either way, you've caved in just like that wall.  Only thing is, this pain does more than bruise the flesh!  This pain reaches into the soul in order to choke the life out of you and bury your destiny and right to thrive underneath a  rubble of a dissatisfied, unhappy, and unsuccessful existence.

This way of engaging with people is abuse.  It's abnormal use of your mind, soul, spirit, body, effort, and finances for the benefit of everyone else except yourself.

While giving is the greatest act you can commit to in life, it's nothing without love.  You can't possibly say you love someone and not give them your time, effort, talents, gifts, finances, energy, and commitment and for someone like you, I know you've proven your love over and over again.  However, the issue is not the people asking nor is it what they're asking for.  The real bulb of the root is that you're TAPPED OUT and giving on fumes because you haven't taken the time to make a proper investment into yourself AND when you do, the guilt of doing something just for you weighs so heavy you talk yourself out of it with ideas of better uses or any other excuse you can think of.  I'm not suggesting that you don't love yourself or don't really love the people you're giving to.

As a Life Optician™, I'm suggesting that you don't really love giving everything you are and have to everyone else first just to be left empty-handed.  

I'm also suggesting that you're not actively engaging in being "unselfishly-selfish" which simply means to have a healthy balance within putting yourself first and giving to others.  Like a bank account, you're not activated until you make an initial deposit and when made on a consistent basis, anything that anyone else adds to your account simply increases your checking and savings instead of being your only source of funds.  

Do you know how I know just what's taking place in your life right now?  It's because I used to be right where you are.  I was an imbalanced giver to the point that I exhausted all of my options to have a life of my own.  I thought that I was supposed to be that way and grew into an adult the same mindset.  One day, while doing some Spring cleaning, I came across a picture of myself.  I was smiling but my eyes at that time brought me to tears.  There was so much hurt, pain, and confusion because I was living on giving to everyone else except myself.  That day was the day that everything changed for me and now, with the same strategy and training I used to dig myself out of despair, I'm able to help others get away from this stinkin' thinkin'.

I start with honesty because it's the foundation to building a new life.  Then we'll evaluate who you really are within, come to grips with what's taken place, and opt for change.  Each journey partner starts putting more time and effort in their own well-being FIRST and let's just say, not everyone will initially, if at all, respond to the change well.  Some people will leave while others stuck around but not before both types make it clear, with sometimes not so nice words, that they don't understand the person you've become.  This is where you use what else I've taught you in order to stick to your belief of honoring yourself first and saying "no"  without feeling guilty while knowing when to say "yes" without feeling obligated.  The goal is to keep the heart you were born with because it's good stuff and no, you can't turn your heart into stone in order to protect yourself from those who don't know how to treat you.  It's a great idea but think of how many times you've tried and failed!  Instead of changing your heart to stone, it's time to teach others how to treat it and become balanced with your giving.  When it's all said and done, giving becomes and remains a euphoric experience for my clients and now that they're balanced, the people who stuck around are appreciative and honor them with relationships that engage in a cycle of unconditional love.  Those who become accepting of your changes may not give or love in the same manner but their sincerity and their best is always present and furthermore, you'll also be taught how to have your own reservoir of self-love that you add to on a daily basis.  Coming out on the other side, you'll enjoy what others give as a gift being added to you instead of being a shaky foundation for you.  Equally important, you'll also be able to forgive AND forget, dream again, have the strength to fulfill those dreams, and have the wisdom to live in purpose on purpose.

I did and do my best not to take my journey partners for granted.  When 1 turned into 2 and 2 turned into 5 and 5 turned into 8 and 8 turned in 12, and so forth and so on, I became absolutely sure that the principles and strategies worked for them too.  These types of intensely intimate meetings happened almost everywhere I went and surely, I couldn't give my telephone number to everyone and so, I made sure to create a few online presences that revolve around loving yourself enough to put yourself first, discovering who you really are, admitting to what you really want, going after it, and obtaining it no matter what.  

Keeping the focus on you is what being Life Optician is all about!  

I bring the things that matter most into clear view then we focus and apprehend!  Everything I say and do on any platform is set up to optimize your well-being and happiness at the expense of your own effort FIRST.  




Allow me to show you how to stay away from that caving wall, get from under those soul crushing bricks, balance giving to yourself and others, and do so without the gravity of guilt, and thrive in life with my 1 on 1 coaching specializing in my HYRY (Hey You! Remember You.)™ tactics.

With my HYRY tactics, together, we will:

  • Identify where, how, and why the "sacrificial lamb" syndrome started.
  • How long you've maintained this role.
  • Identify what prompts you to keep volunteering for this role.
  • Identify what prevents you from escaping this role.
  • Change your mindset about what you deserve and what you don't.
  • Become unselfishly selfish.
  • Balance your giving.
  • Use the word "no" without guilt.
  • Use the word "yes" without being prompted by guilt.
  • Be prepared and recover from the backlash that comes from saying "YES" to you first.
  • Train others how to address, respect, and treat you.
  • See yourself outside of the roles you play.
  • Enter into a journey of self-discovery.
  • Identify and apprehend your true passion, purpose, and destiny in life.
  • How to fully engage in and cultivate a loving relationship with yourself.
  • How to love and give unconditionally.

You'll also get:

  • A free discovery session to make sure we work well together.
  • Daily or weekly texts, emails, and other reminders to help keep you on track.
  • Exclusive access to online groups and online events.
  • Templates that serve as check points in your progress
  • Free giveaways (like my e-book, "A New You Just Won't Do!")
  • Discounts and first-chance alerts on events, merchandise, seminars, workshops, and more!



There are two ways you and I can work together: